Oil & Gas

Becoming the No.1 Vehicle Management Service Provider in Malaysia is by no means as easy feat. But thanks to our two-decade expertise in developing products and services, we have been able to partner with major operators in the Oil & Gas industry; enabling smooth, safe and cost-effective operations for their employees through customised solutions, including:

  • • Vehicle real-time tracking
  • • Live-video of vehicle movement
  • • Driver identification and scoring
  • • KPI Performance Monitoring
  • • Accident and Incident Analysis

Transport & Distribution

We understand the increasing need for sustainability, given the changing landscape of the Transport and Distribution industry; including the increase in fuel price, maintenance costs and emerging competition. A reliable telematics system provider is needed to give fleet managers and operators the edge to overcome these obstacles. With our innovative solutions, you will be able to:

  • • Optimise routes
  • • Regulate driver behaviour
  • • Manage fuel consumption
  • • Strengthen communication
  • • Compile logistics data

Public Transport

For transport operators, it is crucial to keep both drivers and vehicles in check; whether taxis or buses. An impeccable telematics system must be able to manage driver performance to ensure maximum safety as well as efficiency, and also to keep up with changing regulations. By incorporating sophisticated technology into our solutions, you will be able to:

  • • Regulate driver behaviour to prevent accidents and improve fuel consumption
  • • Ensure passenger safety
  • • Locate vehicles and determine arrival time
  • • Monitor trip durations and working hours


Given the high cost and risky nature of this industry, it is important that construction projects complete in the fastest and most efficient way possible. Our systems are able to help you monitor construction vehicles and their drivers’ in real-time to ensure maximum fleet competence and protection. By doing so, you can:

  • • Reduce fuel-consumption (by regulating driver’s behaviour)
  • • Compare actual vs expected machine usage
  • • Cultivate productivity (through asset tracking)
  • • Promote safety compliance (through tracking of Hours of Service and Infraction Alerts)
  • • Improve security (GPS tracking to prevent theft other misconduct)


Safety is part and parcel of the Security industry. To give your business the maximum protection, a competent vehicle telematics system is required. Our solutions are here to help lower business risks and improve customer service by:

  • • Enhancing security measures
  • • Streamlining communication
  • • Optimising routes
  • • Increasing vehicle usage
  • • Reducing fuel consumption
  • • Offering reliable protection to drivers and customers

Emergency Services

Fast is key in an emergency, which is why a speedy, safe and efficient telematics systems is required to tend to calls of distress. The technology used in DataFM solutions are able to assist fleet managers in:

  • • Keeping an eye on their vehicles and drivers
  • • Relaying information and routes to emergency workers
  • • Analyse response and site time through reports

From this, the benefits include:

  • • Reduced operational costs
  • • Assured safety of drivers
  • • Improved crisis response time