DFM Track

DFM Track is our standard telematics system solution for fleet owners and managers to monitor their vehicles using GPS technology, which has become the de-facto standard in fleet management. Employing real-time GPS tracking hardware, combined with our in-house built web-based Fleet Management System (FMS), enables not just vehicle tracking but also increase in fleet operations efficiency.

  • Real-time GPS tracking of vehicles, goods and drivers
  • Trip and vehicle utilisation report
  • Driver identification and behavioural patterns
  • Compliance monitoring (Hours of Service, Infraction Alerts)
  • Route optimisation and delivery time management
  • Fuel cost reduction and vehicle maintenance
  • Personalised geo-fence mapping
  • Extensive data accumulation

DFM Fleet Monitoring System (FMS) is a web-based application that is compatible with PC (Windows), Android and iOS platforms. It provides users with multiple modules on a singular platform, ensuring simplicity and functionality in managing a company's vehicles. Modules currently available are:

  • Tracking Module - vehicle real-time movement and status on Google Maps
  • Live ETA Module - providing users with ETA management capabilities
  • Geo-fencing Module - allows users to plot points of interests which limits a vehicle to pre-defined areas within certain time periods
  • Routing Module - establishment of authorised routes
  • Reporting Module - customisable reports based on stakeholders' requirements
  • Alert Module - provides real-time alerts to a host of user-defined incidents. For example:
    - Authorised route deviation
    - Harsh braking and acceleration
    - Overspeeding
    - Panic
    - Accident
    - Main power loss
    - Seatbelt
    - Vehicle Status


DFM Cam is a more comprehensive telematics system solution utilising Live On Board Camera (OBC) hardware combined with DFM Track. Combing an array of video and GPS data, it is a robust, cost-effective and multi-functional solution designed for users who require complete control of their fleet and assets. In addition to all features available through DFM Track, it allows operators to live-stream video surveillance and enables remote monitoring of mobile assets.

  • Live-stream video surveillance of drive, vehicle and driver
  • Simultaneous streaming and recording
    - Mobile Digital Video Recording (MDVR) with 2/4/8 channels up to 1080p
    - Camera protection: Weatherproof, explosion resistant
    - Specialty lens: Zoom, fisheye
  • Video playback of historical data
  • Data as evidence in the event of accidents and incidents
  • Driver Monitoring System (DMS) and Driver Score Card
  • A deterrent for pilferages and suspicious activity
  • Panic button for emergency activation directly to a Call Centre
  • Reduction in cost of fleet operations and optimisation of fleet efficiency
  • Additional alerts:
    - Lane departure (swerve)
    - Forward collision warning
  • Peripherals connectivity - Driver Fatigue Monitoring
    - Driver fatigue alarm
    - Driver distraction alarm
    - Over speeding alarm
    - Driver fatigue signals output - videos and images
    - Vibrations cushion alarm

DFM Cam solutions utilises our Intelligent Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS) video application, a standalone software that provides users direct access to each individual vehicle's OBC. It is compatible with PC (Windows), Android and iOS platforms. With the IVMS, users are able to:

  • Live-stream from any or all cameras installed on the vehicles
  • Live-stream or playback from a multitude of devices (PC, tablet, smartphone)
  • Monitor driver behaviour whilst on duty
  • Check the current status of the OBC and its peripherals
  • Access videos stored on the OBC for viewing or downloading


DFM ADAS+DMS (Advanced Driver Aid System + Driver Monitoring System) is a solution for vehicle safety and better driving based on Automotive IOT technology. This 2-in-1 system combines an in-cab ‘Front ADAS Camera’ and a ‘Driver DMS Camera’ that detects potential road hazards and human error. Upon detection of any such incidents, the system will generate alerts that allow the driver to take timely control of their vehicle and to avoid any untoward collisions.

DFM ADAS+ is not only helpful for private car owners, but also for different kinds of vehicle fleets. By incorporating DFM ADAS+ into DFM Cam, it enables all detection and alert data (video and historical) to be saved onto local servers to be utilised at any given time for fleet management purposes.

  • Front collision warning
  • Lane departure warning
  • Headway Monitoring
  • Distraction
  • Phone usage
  • Smoking
  • Eyes closing
  • Yawning
  • Seat belt
  • Drinking
  • No driver
  • Facial recognition
  • Continuous driving

DFM Drivers Aid

DFM Drivers Aid is a web and mobile based app solution, customised and tailor-made to assist drivers in their daily operations. The aim is to promote driver empowerment by providing them with the means of self-assessment, to amplify self-awareness, and increase sense of responsibility. By integrating seamlessly with our IVMS (Intelligent Vehicle Monitoring System) software, drivers are allowed direct access to their personal Scorecards.

The Driver Scorecard provides the driver with access to live-monitoring of their performance, scoring, and ranking. It also provides direct information of the driver’s profile, i.e. Driver KPI, job status, driving historical data, training modules, feedback, and much more.

DFM Drivers Aid also takes a pro-active role in managing the driver’s health and safety standards. It continuously monitors a driver’s work hours or drive plan. The driver will be automatically alerted prior to breaching HSE regulations, and fleet operations will be immediately notified of the potential violation.

This is an ever evolving solution, with future developments customised to the needs of specific industries and requirement standards. Stay tuned for more features and benefits.

  • Driver empowerment
  • Integration with IVMS software
  • Live-view of driver leader board and driver profile
  • Driver fatigue management
  • HSE management

DFM Connect

DFM Connect is an IoT based smart vehicle system that makes your vehicle smarter and safer than ever before. Utilising a mobile platform to connect you directly with your vehicle, it provides you with an all-encompassing smart vehicle solution in the palm of your hand. Connect now and take back complete control of your vehicle’s health and your personal safety.

  • Track your vehicle
  • Valet parking alert
  • Towing alert
  • Theft alert
  • Speeding alert
  • Curfew alert
  • Violations
  • Multi vehicle option
  • Planned trips
  • Ad hoc trips
  • Journey
  • Geofencing
  • User profile
  • Vehicle profile
  • Smart diagnostics
  • Maintenance alerts
  • Service calendar
  • Book a service
  • Breakdown call
  • Dealer notifications
  • Dealer promotions

DFM Fleet Consultancy

DataFM’s consulting staff includes some of the most experienced minds in the industry. With over 20 years of expertise in fleet management business as well as being industry leaders in the oil and gas sector, our team leverages fleet experience, analytical expertise and industry leading technology to deliver tailored solutions across your fleet lifecycle. We take pride in our close partnership with our clients to provide unrivalled, customised strategies in line with their organisational goals.

  • Optimised Efficiency
  • Cost Savings
  • Health and Safety Standards
  • Sustainability and Development
  • Regulatory and Policy Compliance

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